Cultural invasion of Iran; fact or myth?

29 خرداد 1391 ساعت 09:45

Translucent Bdalshhyd writes:
With the coming of divine demise anniversary of Imam Khomeini, the leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution, Facebook began debate in the media and cyberspace, as  cultural invasion of Iran.
In this debate, on Afghanistan have been divided into two categories; pros and cons.
Opposition group, think that the commemoration of the death anniversary of Imam Khomeini among Afghanstanyha, political processes, culture is the  fifth column  Iran's leadership has been serving its interests.
These categories, while celebrating the anniversary of Imam Khomeini's death is part of the  cultural invasion of Iran,  read, still insists that Afghanstanyha should instead celebrate the alien characters, historical figures in the country to celebrate and remember and honor their memories.
In contrast, the latter the majority of the people and political leaders and cultural activists in the country, including Iran, Imam Khomeini unique and not think of a transnational character.
These categories, the role of Islam in the Islamic awakening and liberation struggles of oppressed nations and in section, and refer youth to the teachings and inspiration of its Karnamhhayy call.
Indeed, why should be praised by Imam Khomeini?
I think in this regard, both sides have enough conflict and Mntqyan I  word has come to cover the evidence.  But what they should pay it, is whether the phenomenon called  cultural invasion of Iran  is real or just a myth? It is a myth, it has made and what the consequences would be for the country?
Servant, in this Nbshth'll try to answer these questions, and he judged it wise to let the public.
One soul in two bodies
Me when I read in the press that the protesters to hold the commemoration of Imam Khomeini, their action  against the Khvdgryzy  and called their protest  against the cultural invasion against Iran,  as they have caused me to laugh.
I ask you to deal with cultural invasion, is laughing?
Yes, in other cases, the right, but must also insist that the cultural invasion of Iran is a laughing matter, if the delirium of a fever, bloody human remains. Because no palpable contradiction and conflict between Afghanistan and Iran and there is no culture, both as a soul, are the two bodies.
Meanwhile combine the  cultural invasion , stating that the  difference  and  contrast  and  Ghyryt  is, and unpleasant and the implausibility of the heart, the root is the same.
Triangle culture
Iran and Afghanistan has proven to be a unity of culture, now I will try to examine the constituent elements of the overall picture is one I provided.
Researchers, Iranian culture as composed of three elements: the element of ancient Persia, Islam and Western modernity.
it commemorates, it has its roots in ancient Persia, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Hazrat Ali (Karam Allah prestige) of respects, this phenomenon suggests that the impact of Islam on daily life, and finally, if the vehicle is mounted and buys a plane ticket, it is accepted that the impact of Western modernity.
Jamshid Behnam example, one of the famous Iranian scientists, in conversation with Ramin Jahanbegloo, says:  I think the Iranian people, from all three of these discourses (ancient Persia, Islam and modernity) is. Shia Islam with all Mnzmatsh he believes, even if it is modern-day vow and table covers and throws. Meanwhile, Iran is interested in ancient time and has a particular respect for Cyrus and Darius. If you understand the inscriptions of Sassanid era is gone, is angry. But I also want to be modern and it is his right.
Culture of Afghanistan
Man, you should pay attention to the culture of Afghanistan, will see the same elements.
we use comes from our desire is to modern living.
Therefore, be said that these two countries, from a cultural perspective, complement each other and are congruent with each other.
True, it is the cultural heterogeneity that causes the conflict in Afghanistan with Iranian intellectuals over the two countries have historic achievements.
Afghanistan claimed that Muhammad Balkhi Rumi, Avicenna Balkhi, Sayed Jamaluddin Afghani ... Afghanistan, and in contrast, the Iranians rejected a trip this Adahara and everyone knows belongs to Iran.
 Afghans, also robbed the Shahnameh.
I think that this conflict, rooted in dry Bykhrdyha and nationalistic prejudices that unfortunately are often separate nations, friend and brother.
Bykhrdyhay presence on both sides of the border, has created such a disaster that even some  exchanging ideas  are not aware of them, let alone a  sympathetic  to the idea Frakhtr and more tolerance.
Kazem Kazemi, one of the poet's tale that once, when I meet with a professor at Tehran University, he spoke I was surprised and asked,  Where the learned Persian.
Is the ignorance of people in Afghanistan.
Here are the years that we have our being in the Persian language, some doubts have been and always ask yourself whether the  door  and  Persian  have a language?
So, if you go slightly beyond the boundaries of false nationalism and the ones at hand, we see that these are all, all our wealth and together Bradrym.
Areas of the Persian language, in the clash of civilizations
The culture today, and here for more important in international relations and economic ideologies, is tighter. Nations, now in their Vagrayyhay convergence and, more important to have cultural ties to the other relations.
Turkey hopes that if the Union does business in Europe, it is hoped that the European situation, but in Afghanistan, a hundred years if it tries, not union members.
Two of the great thinkers of Western ideas is enough here to quote, to the convergence and Vagrayyha mystery is revealed.
Samuel Huntington, professor of political science in America, has written the following article titled  Clash of Civilizations
Huntington, in this article, claims that the collapse of the Soviet Union and Payaftn Cold War, the paradigm governing international relations, not ideology, but also includes cultural.
He writes about  the new world, a major source of conflict, not ideology or economics. Large gaps between humanity and the main source of conflict will be cultural. Confrontation of civilizations will dominate global politics.  
Bernard Lewis, a famous scholar of East, West, too, somewhere in this Myngard: Fight the Future, is nothing but a clash of civilizations. That is probably irrational but surely historic reaction of an ancient rival against the Jewish heritage, our Christian, against the current state of our secular, and this is against the universal expansion.
Afghanistan, the bulwark against fascism.
Amydarvarym you once again, the defense line and do not let this Gnjyh been depleted as the fight against cultural invasion, Iran has found an excuse for their notorious anti Community market is hot again.
If these elements are able to achieve such a breakthrough, the fruits of our ten-year campaign full time in order to preserve the Persian language, the role will be on the water.

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